Welcome to Estilo De Juego.

Here you’ll find analysis of various aspects of the Spanish game through all levels. I watch on a regular basis Spanish football from youth categories up to Segunda B, Segunda, Primera and La Selección. This has been the case for ten years or so now. For those who are interested, my team is Real Club Sporting de Gijón.

I currently write for Mirror Football, Football España and Who Scored on a regular basis plus various other projects in a non-specific capacity. My work has been featured at ESPN, World Soccer, In Bed With Maradona, PortuGOAL, TeamTalk and Hasta El Gol Siempre amongst others. I also have live media experience after featuring on UK-based TV channel Sports Tonight Live, as well as various radio shows. Since mid-2012 I also began scouting on a freelance basis for various agencies within Spain, and have identified numerous players for Segunda and Tercera División. If you wish to contact me regarding work or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to do so.

Hopefully this website will satisfy, and you’ll find the high level of insight that should be expected. I don’t deal in rumour/speculation, club bias, agendas, obsessing over stats or judging players via YouTube videos. I watch players and teams regularly in full games (12-15 a week for 2012/2013) over the course of seasons. If I do profile a player, be safe in the knowledge I’ve not watched a 3 minute compilation of step-overs and a single game to make my assessment.


– David

Twitter: @davidjaca (Please don’t hesitate to ask about any player/team/issue etc, and I’ll hopefully be able to answer as thoroughly and articulately as possible). Email: estilodejuego@outlook.com


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